Property renovation is by no means an easy task. Where do I start? What’s behind that wall? How am I going to control costs? Will I get a better return on my investment? How am I supposed to decide which tap handles and colour scheme to choose?

With the wrong advice, property renovation can drain funds and add little value. However, with the right advice and the ability to tailor budgets up or down to suit your requirements, you can increase your rental income and add significant value.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but having done this a hundred times ourselves we know the ropes – intimately. We’ve had some incredible success stories over the years in property renovation that not only offer what tenants are looking for, but also provide you with a chance to grow your investment beyond what you ever thought possible.

Part of our secret is our in-house team, devoted solely to property renovation to meet the high standards that tenants are looking for.

Having control in this crucial area allows us to effectively maximise our clients’ returns using a disciplined and battle-tested approach to renovation, financial analysis, planning and supervision.

That’s also why our renovation clients often partner with us when they take the next step into asset development. We’ll ensure that every penny you put into your property will provide you with the highest possible returns.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you add value to your property. Rock Property is your trusted property investment adviser in Tasmania and Queensland.